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Are you are a software or hardware developer looking to connect to a Smart Meter? Want to connect to ZigBee Smart Energy products without learning the ZigBee specification from start to finish?

Our expertise can now be yours. With our products and tools, you can get connected to Smart Energy in minutes using our line of products and simple XML interfaces.





The EMU-2™ In-Home Display communicates with smart meters using a ZigBee radio.

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Documentation: Technical Manual

EMU-2™ Technical Manual
Detailed technical information about the EMU-2™ for engineers and support technicians




The EAGLE™ gateway has a processor and a built-in ZigBee radio. The processor formats the meter data as XML or JSON text and wraps it in an HTTP POST to send to the cloud. If you would like your cloud server to receive data from the EAGLE, you will just have to implement a simple RESTful interface.

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Documentation: Application Programming Interfaces

The Uploader API is a”push” interface. The EAGLE™ automatically sends data in this XML or JSON format to the designated URL.

The REST API is a “pull” interface, that works through the Rainforest Relay Server. The EAGLE™ responds to commands, sending data requested back to applications that communicate through this API.

Code: Online Resources

A number of developers have written code to interface to the EAGLE™ and posted it online.
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