Select Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) customers now have the opportunity to connect Rainforest Automation devices to their smart meters.  

PG&E has validated the EAGLE (FW 1.4) for use with the PG&E SmartMeter™.*

All other Rainforest devices are ZigBee Smart Energy certified.  They may be compatible on PG&E's network, and customers can attempt to register with their SmartMeter™.  However, PG&E does not provide any guarantee that devices not included on their list of validated devices are compatible.

More information on PG&E's HAN programs can be found here.


Getting started with PG&E SmartMeters™:

1.  Ensure you are eligible before ordering from us by logging in here or through your PG&E My Energy Dashboard: PG&E HAN Login

2.  Under the Home Area Network link, you'll be able to see which of your smart meters are eligible.  If your meter is eligible, there will be a "Register New Device" link located next to your meter   If your smart meter is not eligible, please contact PG&E, who may be able to provide you with a different meter or further information.

3.  With an eligible smart meter, you can order our device from our online store.

3.  Once you receive your device, click the "Register New Device" link located next to your meter, where you can enter the MACid and INstallcode located on the device and device packaging.

* PG&E has evaluated the EAGLE™ solely to determine that it satisfies certain minimum technical requirements that enable the device to receive and display electrical usage data from the PG&E SmartMeter™ device. PG&E is not liable for the performance the EAGLE™ or its functions. The ability of the EAGLE™ to communicate with, and receive data from, PG&E’s metering network is dependent on a variety of environmental, technical and other factors that are beyond PG&E’s control. PG&E does not guarantee that the EAGLE™ will connect to PG&E’s metering network in the purchaser’s premises. PG&E has validated only firmware version 1.4. Any other version purchased by customer (or later acquired by customer) has not been evaluated by PG&E. Customer support and product inquiries should be directed to Rainforest Automation and not to PG&E.