Select customers of Southern California Edison (SCE) now have the opportunity to connect Rainforest Automation devices to their smart meters.  

While all Rainforest Automation's products are ZigBee Certified and will connect to SCE's meters, the following Rainforest devices have been officially approved by SCE:



The program is quite simple:

  1. See if your meter supports connecting HAN devices (like Rainforest's products).  See below.
  2. Purchase an approved Rainforest Automation product from our online store.
  3. Register your device with SCE (see below).
  4. Once your device successfully connects to your smart meter, SCE will provide a $25 credit on your utility bill.

For more information on the rebate program, please contact SCE or look at their FAQs.

Save Even More!

SCE's Save Power Days allow users to earn bill credits by cutting down their usage on certain days of the year.  Our devices show you your real-time usage so that you can make sure you're getting the most credit on Save Power Days.  Not only that, but you will get a bigger rebate per kWh saved when you have one of our devices registered to your meter as part of the Save Power Day Incentive Plus Program.   For more info:  SCE Save Power and FAQs.

Eligibility Checking and Registering with SCE

Visit SCE's Home and Business Area Network page to check eligibility and register your device:  SCE HAN


Daily Cost Snapshot

If you want your device to show you the current price per kWh, make sure you sign up for the daily cost snapshot:  FAQs