Connect the Smart Home with the Smart Grid

From Energy Storage to Smart Meters

Automated and Behavioral Energy Management

Move Your Customers from Engagement to Action

Customer Engagement Energy Efficiency Behavioral Demand Response Automated Demand Response Smart Home
Get Your Customer's Attention, Get them to Act, then Provide Full Automation
Provide Real-Time Data and Control for Customers

With Real-Time Feedback and Control

Meet Your Customers Where They Are

Simple Energy Monitors

energy monitoring app web portal

Web and Mobile

Voice Alexa Smart Speaker Control Smart Outlets Thermostats Load Control

Voice and Smart Devices

Utility-Focused Demand Management and Engagement

Shift your customer’s energy usage through real-time feedback and demand response.

Roll out Time-of-Use, Demand, and Real-Time Pricing with customer-based tools like demand charge management.

Automated and Behavioural Demand Response for behind-the-meter loads with OpenADR 2.0b – DR, BDR, ADR

Real-time curated data for measurement and verification along with energy-focused customer engagement.

Home and Commercial Building Owners

Easy to install solutions allow you to see your energy usage before it has an impact on your bill.

Time-of-Use, Demand, and Real-Time Pricing is made easy by seeing your real-time demand as the price changes.

Save money on your utility bill by seeing your energy usage in real time.

Participate in utility energy efficiency and demand response programs for additional savings through automated control.

Enable Grid Services and Real-Time Monitoring for Solar

Add value to each installation with real-time solutions that integrate inverters, energy storage, smart meters, and connected devices.

Control Energy Storage, Inverters, and other Distributed Energy Resources – ESS, DER, DR – Sunspec Modbus, IEEE 2030.5

Monitor Real-Time Whole Home Usage from Smart Meters, Inverters, and other energy loads in the home.

Monetize your customer assets through utility-connected grid services – OpenADR 2.0b Demand Response

Out-of-the-box customer engagement with an energy-focused smart home experience.

Real-time Automation and Energy Optimization

Explore the Rainforest system through this interactive chart