Our App

The Rainforest Automation app’s intuitive design easily enables customers to monitor and control capabilities, receive detailed device feedback, configure alerts and automate response.

Control Features





In-app alert

  • May also trigger SMS/email


Pre-configured demand threshold

  • Customizable by user
  • Defaults per individual rate


Aggregate consumption

  • Bill prediction


Pricing signals

  • Real-time pricing
  • CPP
  • TOU

Third Party Integration with Stringify

Power Price Surges


WHEN Price rises above 18 cents per kWh,


AND the room temperature is below 76°F,


THEN raise the thermostat by 2°F,


AND send me a push notification.

Quick and easy integration to Stringify flow.

Follow this link to find more details for using Stringify with Rainforest Automation:


Automated Response

  • Threshold based control
  • User defined preferences
  • Customer opt-out
  • Individual load monitoring
  • Instant monitoring and verification

Download the app.

Features shown on screens above are dependent on what is connected to the EAGLE and what is enabled by your utility.