EMU-2™: Energy Monitoring Unit

The EMU-2™ is is the no-compromise way to get your energy data direct from the smart meter.


  • Large, backlit graphical display
  • Simple 2-button User Interface
  • Dual mode power: AC adapter or batteries
  • Tabletop, wall-mount, or magnet mount to a fridge
  • Multiple languages (English, Spanish, French)
  • Reads Electricity/Water/Gas meters
  • Flexible rate structures (TOU, RIB, CPP, Prepay)
  • ZigBee® Smart Energy 1.1 Certified


  • Current Usage (kW, $)
  • Historical Usage (kWh, $)
  • Price ($/kWh)
  • Text Messages
  • Time
  • Graphs!

What Sets EMU-2™ Apart from other displays?

  • Fast, bright display with instant updates
  • No learning curve or setup required – power it up and start saving!
  • Premium features at low cost


$ 84.99

2-Button Interface


Stoplight LEDs for at-a-glance power usage

EMU-2 BrightnessEasy to read bright backlit screen

EMU-2 Mounting Options
Mounts easily with a variety of options

EMU-2 Power Options
Power plug for always on operation or AAA batteries for temporary portable use

Ships in
1 week