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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the monitor work?
The home energy monitor establishes a secure, wireless connection with your electric meter to provide real-time electric usage and cost feedback. Your energy monitor and meter are securely paired only with each other. The monitor should be placed no more than 25 metres from your meter.

What are the benefits of the monitor?
A home energy monitor can help you better understand your energy usage. The data you see is almost real-time (the delay is 8 seconds or less). You will be able to see how each appliance contributes to your total electricity usage and how you may be able to change certain behaviors to save money.

Will the data on the monitor match my monthly bill?
No. Your BC Hydro bill includes other charges and taxes that are not able to be included in the monitor.

How do I know if a home energy monitor will work at my home?
Most residential customers may use home energy monitors. The monitor needs to be placed within 25 metres from the meter. If you live in an apartment building, you may not be able to use a monitor if the meter is far from your residence. The process for ordering a device includes confirming your eligibility for a device.

Can I use my monitor with other electric meters?
No. The monitor will link with one meter at a time, and each meter is viewable only on the monitor programmed by BC Hydro. If you move or have your meter changed, the link to the current meter will end and you will need to contact BC Hydro to connect your device to your new meter.

Can I buy a monitor as a gift for a friend or family member?
No. The monitor must be purchased through a valid MyHydro account. only the meter for that account can be connected to the monitor.

Will the monitor protect my privacy?
Yes. The monitor can only communicate with your meter. Even BC Hydro cannot see the information that is displayed by your monitor.

How do I set up my monitor after I receive it in the mail?
For the EMU-2, just connect the power cord to the monitor and plug it into a standard outlet. The monitor will power up and automatically connect to your electric meter. In addition to connecting the power cord and plugging into an outlet, the EAGLE-200 will also require an Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection to link with your computer and smart devices. Refer to the Quick Start Guide included with each model for additional help.

Can I use batteries instead of the power cord for the monitor?
It depends on which model you purchase. The EMU-2 will work on two AA batteries, but battery life is limited. Limit the battery use for short durations like conducting an experiment and keep the power cord plugged in as much as possible. The EAGLE-200 monitor doesn’t run on batteries and must always be plugged in. If you have the EAGLE-200, you can view the usage on your smartphone for doing in-home experiments.

How do I conduct an experiment to determine how an individual appliance contributes to my energy usage?
One of the advantages of a monitor is that you can track your usage in real time to see what effect changes have on your usage. Note the usage in kilowatts on your monitor before you start your experiment. Once you have established that baseline usage, turn on the appliance and note the change in kilowatts. The difference in usage shows you how much that appliance is contributing to your energy usage.

How can I get help if my monitor does not appear to be working?
Here are some basic problem-solving tips:

  • Move the monitor closer to the meter. Try to keep it within 15 metres.
  • In addition to the distance to the meter, minimize any barriers that can block the signal such as concrete walls.
  • Power off the monitor for five minutes and then power it up and try again.
  • For the EMU-2, perform a soft reset by holding down both buttons on the right side of the unit for 5 seconds. You will see “Restart” appear next to the top button. Hit that option and follow the screen prompts to reset your monitor.
  • For the EAGLE-200, perform a reset by unplugging the power cord, waiting 10 seconds, and then plugging the power cord back in and let the device reboot.
  • Occasionally, a monitor loses its connection to the meter. The monitor attempts to reconnect automatically. If the connection is re-established, your information should display as normal.

If these troubleshooting steps don’t resolve your issue, view Rainforest’s support page.

What happens if I move?
If you move, you can take the monitor with you, but you’ll need to contact BC Hydro to connect it to your new meter. You will also have to hard reset your device so that it will forget about your old meter.

Can I connect more than one monitor to my meter?
Yes, you can connect up to five different monitors to your individual meter.