Rainforest Automation extends platform capabilities for smart home and energy efficiency programs

Leading provider of energy monitoring technology takes aim at the complexity and cost of BYOD programs

Rainforest Automation, Inc. is proud to announce a major extension to its platform and service offering, supported by its partner, Plasmatic Technologies Inc. The new Rainforest Integrated Connected Home (RICH) solution pulls together energy management and the smart home into an intelligent platform designed to help electric utilities execute engaging and effective Demand Side Management (DSM) programs.

Utilities, who are increasingly turning to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategies to offload the upfront capital cost of DSM programs, are now finding that the complexity of dealing with a variety of device vendors with proprietary cloud platforms introduces a whole new set of operational issues not found in traditional utility run DSM programs serviced by a single vendor with a homogeneous system.

The new RICH solution solves this problem by providing turnkey integration with popular smart home devices and a range of ecosystems already present in millions of North American homes, all through a single, engaging mobile app.
“This is the most flexible and easily deployed DSM platform available,” explained Chris Tumpach, CEO of Rainforest Automation. “The ability to harmonize a broad range of devices, whether purchased and installed by a customer, or delivered through a utility program, enables the provider to present a consistent interface for all their programs, from energy feedback to demand response. This allows the utility to maintain the customer relationship by keeping their brand front and center, regardless of the underlying technology.”

Thanks to its modular design, the RICH platform can be accessed through an existing utility-provided app, or by using the intuitive and brandable app and voice interfaces provided as part of the solution. Utilities can engage customers through a range of benefits including real-time energy use feedback, personalized notifications, historical consumption, and messaging tailored to reach automation, energy saving, awareness and customer participation goals.

David Sussman, CEO of Plasmatic Technologies stated, “The majority of North American homes are on track to have connected devices of varying kinds – not only smart speakers and connected cameras, but all kinds of devices that are useful for load monitoring and control, such as lighting systems, smart plugs, thermostats, and appliances.”

Mr. Sussman pointed out that, “Today’s smart home results in a collection of phone apps that don’t work together. This is a great opportunity for the utility to fulfill a real need for coordination and insight – and wrapping that up into an energy application makes perfect sense.”

“Our integrated, connected home platform features Machine Learning intelligence that includes occupancy, weather and other data sources to contextualize energy use and serve up insights to garner predictable results,” remarked Mr. Tumpach. “Utilities can now start with relatively simple behavioral DSM programs that can evolve into automated Demand Response – all with the same user-facing experience. Our approach is predicated on honoring customer choices and being non-disruptive; that’s really an important combination.”

The Rainforest Integrated Connected Home solution is now being considered by select North American utilities.

About Rainforest Automation, Inc.
Rainforest Automation connects the smart home to the smart grid. Our energy management platform provides homeowners an engaging, energy-focused smart home experience, while transforming the home into a distributed energy resource for utilities. Our open system provides multi-protocol, on-premise, edge intelligence, along with cloud monitoring and control of third-party platforms. From home storage and smart inverters, to smart meters, thermostats and switches, Rainforest connects everything together.

About Plasmatic Technologies Inc.
Plasmatic Technologies enables forward thinking service providers in the energy and insurance sectors to deploy effective and easily adopted telematics programs that leverage Connected Home devices with intelligent insights and automated Machine Learning. The company’s unique data harmonization platform supports programs that provide differentiation, stronger customer engagement, revenue growth, and operational efficiency.

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