Rainforest Automation Named to Rocket Builders 2017 CleanTech List

On Friday, March 3, 2017, Rainforest Automation was named to the Rocket Builders 2017 CleanTech list.
“Solar power is disrupting the electricity market. Rainforest’s automated residential power optimization delivers increased revenue per user, expanded addressable market and decreased cost of acquisition to power providers servicing this exciting growth opportunity. Electrification of the transportation and industrial sectors is leading to a dramatic increase in demand in electrical power. This, combined with the daytime and distributed nature of solar generation, is the engine for growth behind Rainforest Automation. Inclusion of Rainforest Automation on the Rocket Builders 2017 CleanTech list is yet another endorsement of the companies strong growth prospects.” said Chris Tumpach, President, Rainforest Automation.
 “We identify companies that have proven their technology and are positioned well for growth. Our analysis of market trends led to our selection of Rainforest Automation as a Ready to Rocket CleanTech company.” said Dave Thomas, Senior Partner, Rocket Builders.
About Rainforest Automation
Rainforest Automation provides power optimization solutions by transforming consumer IoT devices into grid resources. https://rainforestautomation.com
 About Ready to Rocket
Ready to Rocket is a unique business recognition list that profiles technology companies with the greatest potential for growth. Each year, based on analysis of trends that will drive growth in the Clean Technology sector, Rocket Builders identifies the top private companies that are best positioned to capitalize on the trends for growth. This selection methodology has been an accurate predictor of growth with “Ready to Rocket” companies exceeding industry averages for revenue, employee and investment growth. http://www.readytorocket.com
 Trademark Notice
“Ready to Rocket” is a trademark of Rocket Builders, a respected management consulting firm servicing the technology industry.