SDG&E Customers

San Diego Gas and Electric provides customers with the ability to wirelessly connect our products to their smart meters and view information about their energy and power consumption in near real-time.

Devices for use in SDG&E’s territory may be purchased from Amazon.

Save even more!

Our products are now approved as “Enabling Technologies” for SDG&E’s Reduce Your Use days.  That means that on certain days of the year if you use less power than normal, you’ll get even more money back if you have one of our products installed!  For more information, please see Reduce Your Use Rewards.

How to register your device with SDG&E

For more details on SDG&E’s programs and how to register your device, visit their HAN information page.

SDG&E does not endorse or warrant the accuracy or reliability of this product, or the information provided by using this device and is not liable in connection with the use of such product or any information derived or generated from using such product.