Frequently Asked Question

How long do the EMU-2 batteries last?
Last Updated 6 years ago

If left only to run on batteries, the EMU-2 will only last a few weeks before draining its batteries.  This is because it has to periodically connect with the meter to maintain its connection, even when not in use.

The batteries in the EMU-2 are meant to be used as a backup source.  This allows you to walk around the house to see the usage of various things without having to plug the device in.  However, we recommend that the device is plugged in when not being actively moved around the house.  When you do this, the batteries can last several years.  In addition, you'll get the benefit of the LEDs showing your usage or pricing, the screen being always on so that you can see your energy at a glance, and the backlight making the screen easy to read whenever you are actively using the device.

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