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How can I set the baseline usage threshold of my EMU2.
Last Updated 6 years ago

The baseline is initially set to 0.5 kW, but can be changed while in the Current Usage screen. To set the baseline:
  1. Navigate to the Current Usage screen using the device control buttons.
  2. Adjust your usage by switching loads in your house on or off, until the Current Usage screen shows the value you want to use for the baseline.
  3. Press and hold the Top Button for 5 seconds. You should see all three Indicator LED Lights come on together. This indicates that the baseline has been set to the current usage rate shown on the screen.
After that, the Green light will be on when the current consumption rate is below the baseline. When consumption is at the baseline rate or greater (up to 5x the baseline rate), the Yellow light will be on. When consumption is more than 5x the baseline rate, the Red light will be on.

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